Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Karma is a B****.....

So, I was telling (bragging a bit actually) our DAN! dr about how Gabe has been SO amazingly healthy this winter. He got sick for 2 days back in October, but hadn't been sick since then at all. Before starting Bio-med treatments my whole family could attest that Gabe was the sickest little boy you could ever know. He ALWAYS had a cough or runny nose every time they saw him. Now that he has been so healthy I realize how horribly ill he really was and that it was not normal to be that way!

So, of course, you know that since I bragged on him he HAD to get sick....little did I know it would only be 6 hours after bragging to Dr. Justus about it. Yep, we came home and a few hours later Gabe was snoozing on the couch with a 103.7 degree fever. Poor baby was sick for about 3 days with some sort of stomach bug he undoubtedly caught from school. To make matters worse, we were out of town for my cousin's wedding in ST. Louis. It's never fun to have a sick baby, but it's even worse to not be at home! Luckily, he started feeling better by the wedding Saturday afternoon and is back to his happy, smiling self now. Hopefully he won't be sick for a while again now! Or until the next out of town trip we plan........   ;)

Gabe seems to be sooooooo much happier to be back on his GFCFSF diet again. We are still keeping him on low sugar- low carbs and watching the intake to make sure he doesn't get over-loaded. We are thinking about trying a product called Virustop by Enzymedica. Anyone ever tried or heard of it??  I have read some pretty awesome recovery stories that are related to using it. Who knows at this point. There are a lot of different directions to go in, and we aren't sure where we are heading yet!