Saturday, July 10, 2010


Wow, we have had a busy couple of months around here. I feel like I have completely neglected this blog. Sorry, Mr. Blog site!

 In March, we started working on getting Gabe in to an ABA therapy school here and he finally got to start last Tuesday. So far, it seems to be going great. He is getting used to getting up early again and being back in to a routine, which is always good for him. He has his own therapist every day Mon-Fri and they are going to work on all of his areas of need like speech, #2 training, social skills, etc. I really think he is going to LOVE his therapist. She is in her mid-20's and seems so sweet. It also helps that she is a cute blonde. ;)  Gabe loves girls already!

In April, my big "not-so-little"boy turned 6 years old. Wow, how the time flies when you are battling autism! We had his party at a bounce house place that he LOVES and invited a few friends and family to join us. Gabe had a blast and jumped his little heart out.  It was cute when a kid from his class showed up (he has autism, too) and ran up to Gabe and jumped in his seat with him and they just sat there and hugged each other. Gabe was so happy that he came and they ran around together the rest of the night.  :)

 In May, we started Gabe on a couple of new supplements in hopes to get his speech to come back. He regressed terribly over the winter while at public school. I just don't think that any public school has enough funding to help these kids out. They can't afford to get the teachers proper training to really "get" these kids and help them. It's so sad to me...
We started Enhansa finally and wow, it works! Gabe's speech has returned plus some already in just over a month of being on it. We are still increasing the dosage, we went for the low and slow method. I am so grateful that his speech is back and I can only hope it will keep coming. We also started him on CoQ10, Glutathione cream, and 5HTP. We haven't noticed too much with any of these. Maybe because the Enhansa is hard to beat with improvements.  I must say that the first 2 weeks on Enhansa were pretty terrible as far as the die-off symptoms go. He was so cranky and irritable, but I loved it since I knew that he was on his way up, up, up!  :)  Activated charcoals work for that if needed.

  I'm sure there are tons more things going on in our lives that I'm forgetting to mention right now, but I'll close this post with a few pictures that a dear friend, Abby McKinney Photography captured for us last month. If you want family portraits done that really tell a story about your family, then you should check her out. She is the sweetest person and also has a blog site about her family's recovery from autism.  Here is her site: or . Check her out sometime.