Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exciting news!

Great news here. Gabe has been using spontaneous speech and in sentences!!!! He has always said one or two words together when prompted, or even tried to repeat a sentence like "I want....". We were at the pool on Tuesday and I always pack a little snack bag for him with a water and some fritos or something in it. He came over and grabbed my hand, I asked him "What?" and he said "I want drink". Wow, ok so I opened the snack bag and as I gave him the drink he noticed the bag of fritos in there and said "I want fritos". lol This is nuts, he has always needed prompted to even say "I want"...let alone say it without even a hesitation!
We think the MB12 injections are really starting to work! Along with, of course, all of the other 15 supplements and vitamins we are giving him per day. lol
Speech is our biggest hurdle for him right now, because I know that once he can at least have functional speech, we will be on our way to recovery for him! I have to give Mike huge kudos for being so great and helping me so much with all of this. While I'm at school every evening (almost) he is the one making sure Gabe eats his safe foods and gets all of his supplements he is supposed to get per day. Without him, I couldn't do it all alone, so I probably need to tell him that more often! He is great! :)

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