Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mona Vie?

So, my friend called me over a few weeks ago and showed me this "wine bottle", or so what I thought was a wine bottle anyways. Wine gives me a headache just looking at it, so I was immediately turned off.     :)

She then said that it is MonaVie, a powerful, antioxidant-rich superfood berry blend that is helping thousands of people with all sorts of different ailments around the world. It has the Acai Berry in it and about 17 other fruits in it. It also has preservatives though, which I found a bit odd. She then said that it was preserved because they have to ship it from whatever jungle they pick the berries from in Asia. The berries go through a "flash freeze" and then are brought back to be bottled from what I understand, so I'm not sure why they would add preservatives if it is frozen. Anyways, apparently it has been "known" to help people with autism, adhd, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. etc. etc. I googled it (isn't google wonderful?) and found about 7 google pages FULL of nothing but negative things to say about MonaVie. Saying that it is a pyramid scheme/scam and the juice is no better for you than drinking a glass of Welch's Grape Juice a day. Men's Journal even did an article saying that the amount of antioxidants in MonaVie are less than that of Welch's Grape Juice. I also have found some Acai Berry juice blends from various stores around here that are certified organic and have a TON of great superfoods in them, probably somewhat comparable to MonaVie's ingredients and WITH NO PRESERVATIVES at all. May I add that a liter of this juice from Wal-Mart is $6.99 vs the MonaVie price of $40 a bottle ( One bottle lasts 1 person 7 days), so that adds up to about $170 per month for one person drinking it. Very expensive stuff. My friend is now a "distributor" for MonaVie and they are telling her that she will become a millionaire in no time because this MonaVie is the next biggest thing and will pretty much cure anything you have wrong with you, more or less.

Now, I'm very open-minded when it comes to trying or learning about new things, especially when it comes to treatments for Gabe and I am not against this MonaVie juice...... If I knew that it worked like people who sell it are saying it does. I'm just wanting to find out more about it. Everyone who sells this juice seems to know nothing about what they are selling. I asked a guy who claims to be earning over $60,000 a year selling MonaVie if the preservative in it is aluminum-based or not and why they even put them in the juice if it is supposedly so "natural". He couldn't tell me and had no idea there were preservatives in it until I asked him about it. Strange....if I were making a living off of selling a product I would want to know any and everything about it to be sure I didn't get up in front of people and end up looking like a dummy, right? Clearly he is in it for the money and not the "health benefits" they claim.

One interesting fact is that Jenny McCarthy does reference it in her Mother Warriors book saying that has been known to help children with autism. I also found some testimonies online from autism moms saying that it has really, really helped their kids with speech, socializing, concentration, etc. I LOVE Jenny and usually take her word on most things, but I am a bit hesitant to believe that this really helps that much and if it is just as beneficial to drink the "so called off brand" that I found at Wally World the other day?

Any thoughts? Anyone else heard about or looked in to MonaVie?



  1. I bought a bottle from a friend about two years ago because I had some skin issues going on. It did not help the skin issues and yes, it was very expensive, even with her letting me buy it at her price. As far as helping with autism, I've not heard anything about Mona Vie and autism and like you, I like Jenny but I'll look for something else other than this product to help my son. I will do anything for Reiss but I think what Jenny seems to forget a lot of times is that she does have a lot more money to spend on treatments than an average person. If acai berry really can help autism, I can't see why it would need to be specifically Mona Vie blend and not some of the organic, more potent formulas out there.

  2. Thanks Pam! I just wondered if anyone else had tried it. I did go to her "tasting" and tried a shot of it, but it wasn't really enough to know whether it did anything for me or not. I just think for $170 a month it better cure any and everything wrong with you. lol I found a site where some autism mom's were saying that it greatly helped their ASD kids. The site is no longer running though, it was

    I agree about Jenny, she does have a lot more money to spend on random things. I wouldn't give it to Gabe because it's not organic and has preservatives in it, so I'm not sure how true those testimonies from the mom's were. If they were GFCF they wouldn't be giving their kids the juice with preservatives that were milk-based!

  3. While surfing the net, I came upon your site. I am a Mom with two hearing impaired children - one of which has ADHD. Had a very difficult year to say the least, in K-4 last year. Violent outbursts, aggressive behavior and the like. My husband and I started drinking MonaVie for our health and had great results. I began investigating MonaVie and ADHD - seems ADHD, ADD, Autism . . may be related. My daughter, Isabella, then began to drink the "Active" MonaVie. She actually got a little worse, but I continued with her drinking an ounce in the morning and an ounce in the evening. She gradually began to improve. So much so that her teachers & principal wanted to know what we were doing. I was actually invited to speak at Isabella's school about MonaVie. The cost is minimal -- about $2.60 a day for your child. About $5.00/day for an adult. I just spent that at Starbucks this morning. I did alot of crying last year morning after morning when I dropped Isabella at her school. I attribute her success to alot of prayer, great teachers and MonaVie. Isabella is still VERY active - however, the aggressiveness and violent outbursts are gone. We will be drinking it for the rest of our lives. You may contact me via email: if you like.

  4. That is awesome! Congrats on your successes with it! I have heard of people really having success with it. I'm just wondering what the difference is between MonaVie and the other leading Acai berry juices on the market. I bought an all organic, no preservatives or addatives added version from Wal-MArt that says it contains over 88 Acai berries in each bottle. I compared the ingredients to MonaVie and can't find anything different between them. This is MUCH more cost-effective, but I'm just not sure if I'm missing something. Seems odd that they charge so much more for MonaVie than this other juice and the other is organic, where as MOnaVie is not. I always enjoy learning more about different products. There are so many great things out there for our kids! You are definitely correct about Autism and ADHD being similar in some ways. Gabe is VERY hyper at times and has trouble focusing on tasks from time to time. Have you tried Omega-3 or fish oil? That was a big help for Gabe! Thanks for sharing your email! I will get in touch. Take care!

  5. Not sure how much I can help, but I drink Mona Vie and love what it has done for me. I drink the Pulse blend and it has lowered my cholesterol and wiped out my acid reflux which no other prescription I was on was able to do. Mona Vie runs about $130 a month for a case. Like the person above it really isn't that much a day compared to what we throw our money away on. As far as your questions, Mona Vie and Dr. Schauss (One of the Dr.s on their medical board) were the ones who actually found and processed the Acai berry. The acai berry perishes within 48 hours of being harvested and its health benefits drop drastically. Mona Vie developed a freeze dried process that holds around 98% of its nutrients. They have several patents on this which means any other product has to process it by other means and lose all those nutrients. Companies throw a few dead berries in just to slap it on their label. Most of Mona Vie's fruits are certified as organic by the Institute for Marketecology. They also use a flash pasteurization because it kills the microbes without destroying the beneficial phytonutrients.
    As far as the preservatives, Sodium benzoate, the sodium salt of benzoic acid, can prevent the growth of almost all microorganisms (e.g., yeast bacteria, and fungi). Benzoic acid is found naturally in tea, anise, most berries, cultured dairy products and cheese, cherry bark, and cassia bark. Potassium sorbate is a potassium salt version of sorbic acid, a polyunsaturated fat used to inhibit mold growth. Sorbic acid has been repeatedly tested for safety and efficacy, and today stands as one of the most thoroughly tested food additives in history.

    That is what I found. I hope this helps. Mona Vie is spreading like fire in our city because of what it has been doing for people. It's 4 ounces a day is equal to 13 servings of fruits and veggies and day. That is what we are recommended to take. How much would that cost per day. We just don't take them and it is why the country is overweight and full of health problems.

  6. While I am a Monavie Distributor, I am also a Registered Dietitian. The above commentor did a good job in sharing the information that the company provides regarding the patented processing method and preservatives.

    I would add to that a comment speaking the Jade, Mike and Gabes question as to the difference b/w Monavie and other products sold on store shelves. Even though the ingredient list may be the same or similar, and they may be organic there is a big difference. The difference is that Monavie does not filter or clarify their product, as others products do. When you drink Monavie Active out of a white cup (dixie cup for ex.) you will notice a green oily residue around the inside of the cup and some sand-like grit at the bottom. The oily residue is the Omega-3 Fatty Acids and the sand-lit grit is b/c we process and include the skin of all the applicable fruits in the product. This is a BIG difference. The Omega-3's are the "gold" of the product and potentially (per research) the missing link in an autistic child. There is a difference- a big difference- b/w Monavie and the competitors.

  7. Thanks to both of you! Those are the great answers that I was looking for this whole time! It seemed like no one could answer my questions, not even one of the "so-called millionaire" MonaVie distributors. He was kind of a jerk about it when I asked, so clearly he must just be in it for the money or something. While I think there is some fishy-ness going on with the company money wise, I do think that it sounds pretty safe and worth trying for health benefits. I am willing to give anything a try as long as it's safe and worth the investment! :) I really appreciate your help in answering my questions!

  8. I would like to say, very well said everyone!!! Your absoltely correct about the Science of Mona Vie. I just wanna add, if you buy a cup of coffee, a bottled water or an ( unhealthy)energy drink everyday thats on average $10 a day, don't you think it's worth your health to spend $4.22 a day for an adult, $2.12 a day for a child to be veryyyyyy healthy and free your body from free radicals, and toxins,and Mona Vie is a company that if you share the juice with just 2 people that you just started your own business with a great company, total support, one big family and a great compensation plan!!!! Think about it, share the juice with 2 peeps and you can get your juice practically for free, take it further and be a millionare!!! Sending xoxoxo to you all, best of luck to all those struggling mother warriors ;-) Listen to Jenny, drink Mona Vie, I give you credit, keep up the good work, your beautiful!!! Peace and Love, Annie Touvi I am a distributer but I am here because I care enough to be! 631-539-2686

  9. Hi,

    Monavie is distributed not through the normal channels of a retail store or a wholesale company located in capital cities but rather through distributors who can not only just supply the product but provide you with an application form to sign up for Monavie.

  10. Hi, I saw your link through Generation Rescue...I was doing the biomed research for my daughter and found out that she reacted to oxalates and phenols which are in most every food. There was a food table where you could look up the content of each by food somewhere on stan kurtz or scd websites...I cannot give my daughter chocolate, cacao, spinach, avocado etc.because of high oxalate content. they create neurotoxins and then give her seizures. I remember choosing not to give her the monavie because of some of the ingredients. I also read on your blog about the candida going up and down, I found that liquid oxygen proved better results because after 20 years it was prevalent in most of her body, as well as mine, sepsis...I had it severely.
    I also wanted to ask if your son had any ear infection or trauma, and if their were any traumatic events in his life, say abandonment or death, etc...I am writing a book that heals the spiritual aspect of fear, which is a root cause of immune's a children's book and has christian roots, but deals with self punishment as well (root of epilepsy). I have had success bringing my daughter out of a 20 year battle with autism/asperger's environmental, vaccine, viral, bacterial and food allergy issues. She has minimal seizures and her speech has returned. We are weaning her off of her meds and using inner healing counseling to deal with traumatic events and fear. In addition to dealing with the food, bacterial and viral issues, we are using prayer and healing sound (Delta 2.5 and worship music ) and are having amazing results. I am looking to find volunteers to send my book, which will eventually contain a delta 2.5 frequency CD set to worship music... to see if they have the same results.
    My facebook email address is or Jeanne Colla...

  11. we tried monavie for a couple months and it helped but it got expensive and what helps in it is the acai berry
    and you can go get 100% pure acai and add it to things
    you can find it anywhere we get ours at wegmans and its much cheaper

    1. I'm surprised at this. If any of you knew how to get it free just by showing two others how to get it from your Corporate provided site, would you be more interested?

      There is now a 1-2-Free promotion. When you enroll as a Distributor, you can show two others how to get their juices at the corporate provided site and you earn your juice (1 case) free. After showing two more, you are getting paid weekly and this off sets the cost of your second case, in case another person in your family wants to drink it. The friends you show, they can be preferred customers and not need to "build a business" or they can enroll as distributors to join you in helping others get free. The more you show, the more your business grows, and you could never find a better company filled with Helpful people. Sure, some are in it for the money, but the ones who really last in this company are the helping hearts.

      Also, did you know that Mona Vie is the only company first to market with the most potent form of acai available on the market? No other "pure acai" has the ORAC score of Mona Vie. If you don't see the trademark "Aca Vie" on the product, you have an inferior acai. Then ask yourself "Does that company pay it's customers to show others how/where to get it?"

      my facebook address is and you are always welcome to ask any questions.