Sunday, May 17, 2009


In August 2008, we joined a medical study being conducted by the Institute of Progressive Medicine in California called the ACE Pathway Study. ACE stands for "Alternate Cellular Energy." This study was based on the theory that the polio vaccine I was given when I was younger was derived from these African Green monkeys, who were infected with a stealth adapted virus that the scientist believed has now helped to cause this new autism epidemic we have in our world. This stealth virus is what the DR. thinks is causing children with autism to have such terrible immune systems. The theory sounds really crazy and far fetched, I know.....but, the results looked pretty promising and it was a safe treatment. It consisted of a U.V. light therapy and neutral red dye (not touching any skin). The first treatment we did took an hour per night for 5 nights. We saw some pretty positive changes from Gabe for about three weeks after treating. Gabe had better attention, focus, speech, speech comprehension, less-hyperactivity, etc. Unfortunately, the treatment was costing the scientist a lot of money to make and he couldn't keep up with the demand, so for now the study has been put on hold. So, being the persistent mommy that I am, I started looking in to new ideas and treatments. :)

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