Saturday, May 2, 2009


Vaccine discussions are difficult for me. I've often wondered if maybe I am being dramatic about things, but then I look over a Gabe sitting on the floor absorbed in play that is in no way purposeful or age appropriate. I watch him as he runs around yelling and arm flapping through the house without any idea of why he is doing it. I listen to him struggle to communicate in the simplest ways with us.These sites bring me back to reality so quickly. Vaccine injury is our life, it's all we've known from Gabe since his first birthday when he got the MMR and was lost.
I am fully aware of those who don't agree or believe in this, and that's fine. I think everyone has a right to their own opinion about things. There is a difference between an opinion, and living something though. I know many people who judge those of us who choose to protect our kids from further vaccine-injury and have actually told me not to let my son play with "vaccinated children". If people have such "faith" in vaccines to get their kids 36 by age 2, then why would you worry that my son is not vaccinated? If those trust worthy vaccines really did what they tell you they do, then your child shouldn't catch anything. Problem is, most of those vaccines don't do a whole lot of good. Especially not for Gabe who is already immune compromised. I'm not completely anti-vaccine yet, I do think there are a few important ones like meningitis and tetanus. The more I read and learn about the drug companies and all of the corruption surrounding them, the less and less I trust them.
I find it odd that people are so quick to say that it's not vaccines that caused autism because the Vaccine Injury Courts ruled against the family they broad casted in the news, but did you know that they sided WITH two other families admitting that vaccines DID cause autism in their children? So that's 2-1 odds saying that vaccines DID prove to cause autism in those kids.....and there are thousands of other cases waiting to go to trial as we speak. The truth will come out and the ignorant skeptics will see that we aren't crazy, irresponsible parents. We truly love our children more than anything, and will absolutely do ANYTHING to help bring them back the way they were BEFORE vaccines!

I'm not telling you that you should or should not vaccinate your family, that is completely your choice. I'm just asking that you choose to educate yourself on the laws and facts about vaccines before you just trust your doctor to do what is best like myself and thousands of other autism moms did. I made that mistake and will forever regret it, so if I can help ONE person make an educated decision then that's fantastic!

Sorry, I promise all of my blogs won't be so Debbie-downer. Just had to get this off my chest! This may just end up being my therapy. :)


  1. I hear you loud and sound a LOT like me. It's so sad that so many people out there swear up and down vaccines have nothing to do with autism and then it takes their own child getting autism before they listen. And even then, some still don't. I know of some spectrum parents who continue to vax and it's just plain insane, in my opinion. I'm not totally anti-vax either but when a person has a child with autism, they really need to consider which vaccines are "necessary."

    I won't get started....GAAAAAHHH

    Anyway....thanks for becoming a follower on my blog - I probably wouldn't have found you otherwise.

  2. :) I feel your frustration. The truth will prevail so they say! Your blog is really great!! I can only hope to find enough time/energy to keep mine up half as well as you do! :)