Sunday, January 17, 2010

Epsom Salts = Greatest gift ever created on Earth!!


They are probably my most treasured item that I buy from Wal-Mart right now. Even over the few snack items that I buy to eat when Gabe goes to bed at night.  ;)

I will explain why I love them so much. We have randomly been giving Gabe E.S baths for well over a year now and they use to wind him down for bed well, but never made a difference on how long he slept at night. Well, since we started the SC Diet, Gabe has been having a LOT of sleep issues. Staying asleep ,even with his clonodine, was never happening for him. He would wake up at all times of the night and once he is awake he usually won't go back to sleep at all. We gave him ES baths the first week or so of the diet about every other night and he was sleeping amazingly well like 9 or 10 hrs a night. Gabe has really been in to taking showers lately and so we started just letting him take a shower every night instead of a bath. We totally missed the connection of why he all the sudden stopped sleeping well....the epsom salts! Duh!! So, Thursday night we started giving him ES baths again and BAM! He is sleeping at least 9 hours a night with NO problems. It was really taking a toll on him not getting quality sleep that he was so accustomed to before and also on us too! I think this week at school will be SO much better for him!

We are also going to order Super Pro Bio (Kirkman), Threelac and S Boularddi again to go after the yeast. I don't think the diet is quite enough to kill it on it's own. He needs the extra probiotic help!  He is also on Nystatin currently. I think with all of that he should be in pretty good shape. Then hopefully we will start to see some benefit from all of this hard work we are doing for SCD! Right now, it's a little discouraging for us I must admit.  It's so frustrating to do all of this and not see any differences in Gabe. Well, aside from the fact that he is pooping at least once a day, if not 2 or 3 times. Before SCD, he had severe constipation issues and would go 2 or 3 days without pooping if we didn't give him milk of magnesia.

On a happier note, here are some newer pics of the Fam.    :)

Mike, Gabe, and I on Christmas Day.  :)


  1. i swear by that three lac from kirkman labs
    my little one started having conversations with us after a week on it
    i mean he could talk after he went on the gfcf diet but when we added the three lac the sentences were amazing

    and epsom salts definatly help soooooo much with sleep
    people say it takes out the toxins from the day

    what all do you guys do because my son isnt fully recovered but he is geting there they want to give him pdd because they dont know where to put him the spectrum anymore
    id say he is 75% recovered which is amazing

    can you believe people dont believe in this stuff
    it boggles my mind

  2. Yeah, it's crazy to me that people won't even TRY to help their child. At least try, and if it doesn't work at least you feel like you did something for them!
    We did GFCF diet for a year almost and didn't really see many results. He did talk a little more and had a little better bowel movements, but nothing major. We switched to SCD over a month ago and it's a slow progression so far. We are really hoping to see some good results from adding a bunch more probiotics in again. Gabe is a yeast kid, so I think it really helps a lot. We do digestive enzymes, cod liver oil, nystatin, probiotics (3 kinds), cytoseine, buffered vit c, vit d drops, b12 shots (2 kinds), TMG, theraresponse (multivit), and are adding moxie, melatonin and magnesium capsules soon. Epsom salt baths and baking soda also. Ugh!