Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Starting to branch out.....

We have decided to branch out and add a few new things in to Gabe's diet. He has been SCD now for over a month, so I think it's safe to add some new foods. I think we may be giving him too much meat in his diet. Dr. H said that sometimes our kiddos have trouble digesting proteins. (UGH!) If it isn't one thing, it's another. I swear!  :(  I'm really hoping that isn't the case for Gabe since that is his main food source on this diet. He isn't a real big veggie eater yet, although he is eating WAY more foods than he ever was this time last year. We are working on adding in new veggies.

I am going to make his monster cookies tonight, but this time I am going to add in some cashew butter to see how they turn out. Maybe that will spice them up a little bit more for something new and different! I feel so bad for Gabe because he seems to be getting really sick of eating the same foods. Strange that he use to ONLY eat the same 5 foods every day all day long and nothing else and now he gets tired of it once he realizes how great variety is! lol

I will try to post some pictures of how they turn out! I am waiting for cookie monster to fall asleep before I start baking!    :)


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