Friday, July 3, 2009

Allergicare clinics ~ BAX3000

I'm not sure if anyone has Facebook or not, but if you do then you know how people request to be your friend all the time that you don't know/remember. I have had that happen a lot and ended up deleting the people later on. Well, I don't know this man well, but he is a really nice chiropractor located out of New Jersey who is, from what I have gathered, in to alternative/holistic medicines and was asking me if I had ever heard of an Allergicare Clinic. I've been talking back and forth with him for a while now getting info here and there about it. Apparently, it has been doing amazing things for kids with autism and allergies/sensitivities. That being said, was enough to catch my interest and attention!

He emailed me an actual hand-written letter from a mom who's son was treated by this BAX3000 machine. He has ASD and was on the GFCF diet. From what the letter said, she has been able to completely remove him from the GFCF diet now after treatment and he is making huge gains in speech and receptive language skills. I think the boy was around 2 1/2 when he started the treatment. The website for the Allergicare info is . It definitely seems a little "out there", but what treatments that we do aren't? lol
From what I read, the way it works is that you are hooked up to a machine through clips on your fingertips. The clips send lazor impulses through your body that trigger your immune system to respond. Eventually, with the gradual exposure over and over, your body should start giving off a positive response to the alergy instead of a negative one. The treatment at the chiro office here by me is $1000 total for everything from start to finish. That isn't bad really I guess if it works. It all sounds a little too good to be true to me, but I am researching it actively. I will do ANYTHING I can to improve Gabe's quality of life! Now, that doesn't mean that I jump on anything anyone tells me to try. Mike and I sit down and do our homework usually for months before we decide to do something. We have to be %100 comfortable with it and it has to be completely safe. This seems very safe, but Mike is very skeptical about it. He just doesn't see how a lazer could travel through you and cure your allergy. I don't claim to understand it at all, but I do think it is very interesting and I always enjoy learning about anything that could possibly help our kids! Plus, I don't really see why this Dr. would have any reason to lie to me about it working and he seems like a very nice guy. I wouldn't be going to him and paying him to treat Gabe or anything since he lives in another state. That makes me feel like he is really trying to help, not scam anyone. It's sad that we have to be so careful not to get burned or scammed by people these days, especially with the autism community. So many bad people out there these days!
If anyone wants to read the hand-written letter he sent me please let me know and I can email it to you or something. :)


  1. Just be careful, something similar happened to me. I just wanted to get my son's vision checked when this doctor from Anderson Eye institute recommended this doctor in a city near me. He said that he had treated many autistic kids with this treatment called Vision light therapy. It was 2 weeks of putting my son on this table and having light flashed at him while the table too was $1000..we were so hopeful and swear we saw improvement...we ran into many parents who said the program worked all which the doctor recommended we speak to.

    Well it did nothing..wishful thinking. So please be careful, im not saying it wont work for you..I'm just saying find a parent who has went threw it, who is not recommended by the doctor...good luck!!

  2. As a parent who has now seen her child go through having a seizure that neurologists feel confident was caused by a treatment my son was going through, I also advise using extreme caution when checking out forms of treatment for autism. The treatment my son was receiving was an antibiotic that was prescribed BY our DAN! physician. So although I have confidence in the DAN! protocol, even some of its treatment options are not safe for my son. And always remember, nothing is "completely safe." There are risks with everything.

  3. Thanks to both of you! We are always cautiously optimistic about everything we look in to. We live in a scary world these days that's for sure. I appreciate the advice and am sorry to hear that you both had bad experiences. :( Seems that people are only out for themselves these days, especially when it comes to autism.

  4. Just started reading your blog. I started my daughter on GFCF diet a little while ago but we never got her on if full swing. I am inspired by your son's progress on the diet and will definitely revisit it in the future!

  5. we started our son on BAX3000 on 7/3/2009 we have seen some wonderful progress in him, he is now getting bored,(good?) learned to tie his shoe, kept on his 3-d glasses for a movie, wanting to be together more as a family, reading like crazy, some of his old videos seem to be out of the picture, even when the kitten got in his room he did not panic he came and found me and told me to come help, this may not seem like much to some but there seems to be some puzzle pieces going together, there are more but I have seen so hope with this