Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Going out to eat

So, I go back and forth everyday about going out to eat. Before we started Gabe on the diet, we would go out to dinner at least once or twice a week. It was fun for us to let Gabe try new foods and places since he went for years without trying ANYTHING new. So once we fixed his terrible food issues, we were so pumped to go out to new, exciting restaurants. Now, all I can think about is what the cook is or isn't doing back there with Gabe's food, plate, utensils, etc. It's crazy...or I'm crazy maybe? lol I get myself so worked up about it that I can't eat sometimes. There are times though that you just HAVE to go out to eat and I'm not one of those moms that can stand to seclude Gabe from eating out with us. After having a few bad experiences, I decided that there HAD to be someone at every restaurant who had vested interest in their company, aka a head manager. So, for the last few weeks when we've gone out, I've politely explained to the server that Gabe has some very serious allergies to foods and to no disrespect, I would prefer to speak to the head manager to assure no contamination occurs. Each time the server has been more than understanding and gotten the manager. I explain that Gabe has many allergies and that even the slightest amount can really harm him and the managers have always seemed very caring and patient. One manager at a local restaurant called Champps even brought me the oil they use to fry chicken in to be sure that I felt comfortable with using it. :) I am no longer nearly as worried or anxious about eating out, especially at the places we have been recently.
I just wanted to share this info in case any other parents out there felt the same as I do about eating out. It is so scary to put your child's health (and behaviors for the next week) in to someone else's hands. Try this the next time you go out to eat and see if it helps! I hope so! :)

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  1. Just be careful that they are not frying other things in the same oil . Cross contamination can be wicked. I always give Logan either enzymes or activated charcoal after we eat out just in case.