Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MB12 injections

We started MB12 injections last Wednesday for Gabe. As of today, we have done three injections. At first, Gabe didn't seem to mind them and kind of laughed them off...but now he is not a big fan. I think he thought that it was a one time thing, but now that we are coming after him every three days with them he is over it. lol Poor baby! The things he has to go through. We are definitely noticing some small, but good changes so far. He is having a little more clear speech and it seems that it's forming easier for him in his head. I also noticed that he is starting to drink water out of water bottles and he is tipping the bottle back himself without assistance! That is huge because he use to try and would end up making more of a mess than it was worth. He has ALWAYS hated the taste (or lack there of I guess) of water and never wanted to drink it. He would just go without a drink all day if he had to, but then he would drink his bath water or pool water. I never understood that one, still don't actually. Kids are weird. Anyways, yesterday at the pool he drank like half my bottle of water and then drank half of Mike's bottle of water coming home from the gym. He said he gave it to him on a whim thinking he would reject it probably. When he asked him for it, it was all gone. hehe So, tonight for dinner he gave Gabe his own bottle and he drank it, plus Mike re-filled it twice in like a two-hour period~! How cool is that? Not so cool when it came to potty training though actually.....he had a big accident from all that water. I will take that over not drinking it though. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess! I will have to go and buy those little snack size water bottles for him to drink out of so he doesn't over drink. He has a tendancy to do that, I actually think it's part of his stemming issues or something. Once he takes one drink he likes to finish the whole thing.

Anyways, the bigger news is that he has split a banana with me the last two days! WITHOUT any gagging or bad faces after tasting it. Before the MB-12 shots, he would have at least made a sad face while chewing it and taken like 20 minutes to chew up one small piece. Today he ate about 6 bites of my Dole organic banana (which may I add are THE BEST organic bananas) ! What a big boy....I am soooooo proud of him! He really has come soooo far with eating. Sometimes I don't think even a typical child could go through what I've put him through when it comes to taking away and changing foods on him as much as I have this past year. It's amazing to me and he amazes me more everyday. God has truly blessed me to have such a wonderful little boy!

PS~ Anyone know where in the midwest you can buy the new Betty Crocker GF cake mixes? I've looked at Meijer, Wal-Mart, and Kroger with no luck! I really want to try them...but I'm not sure if they are casein-free too. Anyone know?


  1. THAT is awesome news!!! WE saw lots of progress with MB12 too :) still do :)Very happy for your little man and you :)

  2. I am glad to hear you have seen progress with the B12 shots, as we are getting ready to start them on DS ourselves....just as soon as they arrive.

    As far as the BC mixes, I never saw them until last week at Meijer on the clearance racks. It's like they got them in, never put them out, and now they're already on the clearance racks. Usually that means I won't see them there again, although that's not always the case. I scored five tubs of Spectrum organic shortening from the clearance racks at Meijer several months ago and they still carry that. It wasn't about to expire so I don't know what the deal was with that.

    Anyway, about the mixes, some of them are GFCF, some are not. Some of them have chocolate chips in them so obviously not GFCF because they are using regular chocolate chips. You might check Meijer's clearance racks the next time you're there.

  3. Awesome news! Love hearing great things like that! I wish continued progress for your little guy:)

  4. I use to give D.J. his shot while he slept at night..he didn't even move sometimes. You can hardly feel the needle (I tried it on myself) but its all the drama around them that makes it a little too much for them.

    As for the cake mix yes it is casein free!! And you can use plain store bought frosting which is also GF/CF just read the labels! I don't know were you could find it there (I found mine in the normal cake section) BUT you COULD ask your local Kroger to order it for you!

  5. Great news about the new food!!! My son is such a picky eater!!!

  6. Hi, I found your blog through another autism site. I'm going to follow if you don't mind. DH and I have a 4yr old foster daughter. We have only had her for about 2 months but want to help her as much as possible. She is low scale autistic (dia. at Rileys). This is the second day on GFCF. We noticed a few weeks ago that if we didn't give her simple carb at dinner, she was calmer. So we decided to give GFCF a try. She sounds a bit like Gabe. FYI you came up on the find a rescue angel in Indiana.

  7. i am from india and has been giving mb-12 shots to my 4 years daughter from last 9 months, and has noticed significant changes in her behaviour, she has started understanding some commands, has become more indicative, has started showing affection, started laughing, started showing elation and now have started to going to a spl school, and day by day i see her some or other change, so in my opinion mb-12 is a miracle drug and i hope my daughter would improve more with this she is getting independent she can now wear shoes herself can take her meal can open and close bottle lids and many more

    1. Hi Parth Bhattacharya, could you plz tell me, where you are procuring the MB12 injections from ?