Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two weeks on SCD!

As of yesterday, we have been on the SCD diet for two weeks! We have definitely learned a LOT this past week. Gabe had a huge issue with constipation for the first week. We were having to give him laxatives about every day to clean him out. You don't want that sitting inside any longer than it has to be! The constipation has gone now and he is having multiple bowel movements a day -which is CRAZY for Gabe. I can probably count on one hand the times where he has ever pooped more than once in a day and it not be diarrhea. These are very normal and solid. It's like his bowels woke up and decided to work correctly now. This has put quite a damper on potty training though. We use to be able to put him in big boy pants all day pretty much. Now, we never know when he's going to have to go and he refuses to tell us that he has to go. He has been completely #1 trained for about a year now with accidents here and there on occasion.

   So far, the diet is proving slowly that we have made a very good decision to give it a try. We haven't really introduced many new things yet. I have made almond pancakes with honey syrup for breakfast or sausage patties. Boiled or grilled chicken, pork, or steak for lunch/dinner, Snacks are the hardest to replicate. He LOVES his almond flour Monster cookies, and he now likes organic Dole ripe bananas, pecans, and almonds as snack options. He is so funny when he eats bananas....he walks around with it in his hand like he is so cool.  :)

So far, the biggest improvements have been with his bowel movements and attention span. We haven't seen a big speech improvement yet. We are hoping that comes soon!  :)


  1. Any improvement is worth the difficulties, right? So glad to hear that you have seen some differences already! Keep us updated.

  2. Yes! We will take what we can get for sure. :) Thanks!