Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Running low on motivation for SCD....

 We are almost to our wit's end with the SC Diet. Gabe is not doing better, if anything, he may be worse off than before. His constipation is back full-force and I know he is just miserable. We have had to give him laxatives almost every day or every other day. His teacher says he is still the wonderfully sweet and loving little boy at school, but his focus and attention span have gone away completely. That was really sad for us to hear because she raved about how great he was doing in those areas at the beginning of the school year when he was GFCF, low sugar and low carbHow can you do well on GFCF low sugar/low carb, but not do well on the SCD? You would think that he would excel on this diet.... autism sucks!!!

We have looked in to a few possibilities of why he would be struggling and have added all of his supplements back in to his diet that we had removed that were not SCD legal. He is doing a little better from those coming back, but I can't really attribute that to SCD. If anyone has any suggestions or experiences please feel free to share. I am open to all ideas at this point. lol
We are going to give the diet until the end of this month and then we may go back to GFCF again if there is no changes by then. Gabe is getting really tired of eating the same foods I think and It is far too time consuming and expensive of a diet to not see any improvements in two full months (will be 3 months after Feb.).

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  1. id go back to gfcf
    i swear by it
    nothing else has ever worked
    i am at that point on the gfcf that i know if i add something else it could probably help mor ei just dotn knwo what it is
    but i would definatly go back to gfcf
    i wish you the best of luck it is an up and down journey